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Anonymous asked,
youre a sex addict.

Not really. I just like to inform high schoolers on the advantages and disadvantages of getting some. I’m also pretty single, so I don’t see how that works out.

But thanks so much for your concern. :)

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I think I want to get a fourth tattoo or a new piercing. 


Be a little adventurous.

That’s.. a lot of tattoos.

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I can’t believe this. 

'We're giving you more work to do.' That's what they should say. Instead they say, 'You have some more paperwork and responsibilities to handle.' 

Just because I yelled at a kid doesn’t mean that I have to go to court and get even more work just to keep my job.

Well, maybe I did more than just yell at him..

It’s his fault. He’s the one that couldn’t stop laughing in sex-ed.

babablaine replied to your post: My bosses just bombarded me with work.


I thought so.

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My bosses just bombarded me with work. 

Is this legal?

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I’m finally caught up on my work. 

Now it’s time to sleep.

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I got most of my work done. 

I’m so happy.

Work sucks. 


That’s great! We could help explain all of the ins and outs of the ins and outs of gay sex and whatnot! This is exciting! I’ll talk to Travis! 

Tell me when you two have discussed it. Okay?

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Work sucks. 


Unless you make it one. But yes, I agree. Holly, do you teach about only heterosexual sex ed? I’m sure Travis would love to come in if I volunteered to teach about homosexuality with me! I mean if you want.

I teach about it all! I would love to, Cooper.

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Work sucks. 


A woman of many talents. I’m impressed.

I also have much more work to do, so I’ll have to leave now.

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